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A well maintained reel will give years of faithful service and the time and cost involved is remarkably small. You should, of course, avoid laying it in the sand, and at the end of the day, do give it a light hose over with fresh water.
Every three or four outings, however, the following quick service will protect and extend the life of your reel.

The handle 'finger grips' and the thumb bar (which disengages the spool) are areas that attract a build up of bait, grit and body fats. A regular light spray of lubricant will ensure that residue doesn't readily adhere. It will also minimise wear and tear on the two most frequently used parts of your baitcast reel.

The level wind worm drive is another important area that is intolerant of residue build up. Ensure that the worm (1), its outer casing and the line guide (2) are clean, and lubricated regularly.
The 'pawl', located inside the line guide housing will also attract residue and sometimes surface rust. If this occurs it will not track freely in the grooves of the level wind and thus cause considerable damage to the worm drive itself.
The pawl can be accessed by unscrewing the cap located at the base of the line guide housing (3). Remove the pawl, clean and lubricate and refit, ensuring that the pawl seats correctly into the worm drive groove.

The reel housing can be accessed quite easily by removing the three screws on the handle or crank side of the reel body.
This enables removal of the drive mechanism complete, and the spool.
A very light spray on the circlips around the housing (as shown) and on the spool spindle (1) will ensure continued smooth operation.
Note: The cast brake block mechanism on the spool (2) and the disc braking assembly that it beds into on the opposite side of the reel housing should not be lubricated but simply wiped clean of any dirt or residue. Lubricant in this area will 'increase' friction during operation and considerably reduce the cast distance.

The gears on the drive side of the reel (as shown), if clean, don't require a lot of lubricant.
f there is a build up of residue in this area it's advisable to tighten up the drag, blast out any residue with the spray can
pressure, then shake off any excess lubricant. The use of heavy grease in this area is not recommended as it will inevitably harbour grit and can 'gum' up and break down if exposed to salt water.

Note: On some baitcast models fitted with a broad thumb bar (as in our example) it may be necessary to hold up the thumb bar when relocating the gear/handle housing during reassembly.

Note: The lubricant used and recommended by the staff at Davo's Bait and Tackle is Inox.
It is non-corrosive, will not wash off with water, doesn't dry out or gum up, plus it penetrates and lubricates all in one action.

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