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The baitcast reel offers anglers a high degree of casting accuracy, essential when working lures in and around snag infested areas.
Unfortunately many first time users become frustrated by continual over-runs, and if not properly instructed in the finer points, give up and return to the relative safety of the threadline.
Understanding the various set-up controls is the key to success.

The correct setting of the Cast Control Brake is the first step.
This mechanism allows you to fine tune your outfit to the weight of each individual lure.
First attach the lure you intend to use to the mainline and retrieve the line so that the lure is almost at the rod tip.
Hold the rod just above horizontal and press down the Thumb Bar, allowing the lure to free-spool to the ground.

If the Cast Control Brake is set correctly the lure will drop in a controlled manner and the spool will cease to feed out line the instant the lure touches the ground.
If this is not the case, and it probably won't be from scratch, adjust the Cast Control Brake knob and repeat the procedure.
This adjustment must be set each time a different lure is used.

The Friction Cast Control sets a variable degree of load on the spool during the cast and for first timers should initially be set to maximum loading.
While this will reduce cast distance it will also dramatically minimise the risk of a spool over-run and the consequent birds nest.
More experienced anglers, for the same reason, use this control to load the spool when casting into the wind.
As you become proficient, steadily reduce the level of applied friction until you no longer require this function, apart from when in upwind conditions.


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